Well let’s start with the frank admission that I totally forgot about blogging yesterday! My memory is notoriously poor though!

Based on the prompt word of the day “notorious” and my faux pas and my infamous memory, maybe I should reflect on how I cope with the problem.

Firstly I have a fantastic memory for trivia, historical dates, and kings and queens of England. Indeed, I was able to name the capital of every country across the world when I was fifteen. But alas, that sort of knowledge isn’t in great demand when conducting every day life.

I’m a pretty busy person but I suck at remembering useful stuff like tasks and conversations. It took me a long time to realise I suck at this kind of thing but once I acknowledged it, everything became simpler. I got organised.

My main tool for sorting out my life and making sure everything gets done, is an app called Todoist. It handily lets me see all the things I need to do in either a long list or by due date or by project folder. This means I can choose to take either a holistic view of all the chores or focus just on the ones relevant to a particular context. The app also lets me assign priorities which is handy.

Being able to use it on desktop PC and my iPhone means I can reach for my to do list anywhere, anytime. And because it is on my phone, I don’t have to remember to take it with me. It’s always there if I need it.

There’s something hugely therapeutic about a to do list when you start to feel overwhelmed. Seriously, if it doesn’t go on the list, it doesn’t get done!

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