Prompt of the Day: Qualm

So I’ve decided to try and blog each day using the prompt of the day from the Daily Post stream. I have also decided this is best done on my mobile so I won’t feel bad if the post is too short!

Today’s word is qualm. Hmmm, feels appropriate. I have a lot of qualms at the moment! What I love about the word “qualm” is that it makes me think of a strange sensation combining feelings of queasiness and calmness. That kind of low level gut churning, like the quiet hum of a washing machine on its spin cycle in another room. It’s there but not necessarily at the forefront of your mind.

And this sensation can be immensely draining. It makes decision making difficult, clear thinking elusive and pure joy unobtainable. Risk, even limited risk, feels magnified. Engagement feels like exposure. Connection feels like vulnerability.

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