Feeling rotten, snotty and coughing all over the place. My head is pounding. Horrible cold and flu. But I have had to get a colleague to cover a teaching session this afternoon. Which makes me feel worse. I often think parenting is one long guilt trip.

Now I’m thinking teaching may be as well. So want to be there in my classroom with my students. It’s when I truly feel alive. But today I wouldn’t have been any good. And they wouldn’t have appreciated me sharing my cold. So why the guilt?

David Carr, among others, talks about teaching being a profession of sorts because it appeals to notions of public good. We not only feel we owe our students our best but that in doing so we are shaping society. Yet we must get better at looking after ourselves. Only then can we be teachers at ease and fully engaged in our classrooms.

David Carr (2000). Professionalism and Ethics in Teaching. London: Routledge.

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