Maybe TFL have got it right…

I had a real treat this week with some awesome training around audio recording delivered by a professional voice artist. We decided as a team we needed to do some development work around narrating our elearning modules. 

So we got it and it was incredible! It also got me thinking about the way I had been approaching elearning. 

See the key thing the trainer stressed was that these modules need to be interesting. We need to be engaged and passionate. We need to be friendly. In short, we needed to ditch the dispassionate, corporate tannoy style announcements.

To do this, we need to smile when we record and we need to imagine we are talking to a student face to face. 

We wouldn’t walk into a classroom and start talking like the speaking clock, so why do it with elearning?

Perhaps it is because our audience is unknowable and inscrutable. There are no visual cues to tell us to change track. We cannot work out whether we are hitting our mark. 

Teaching sessions are full of chances and opportunities. They can go in lots of ways, they are fluid and malleable. As teacher you maintain some measure of control, or at least influence over what plays out. 

Our elearning modules stand alone and it feels like once you’ve uploaded it, you’ve let it go. You’ve sent it out into the world and it needs to do its thing. 

I guess that’s the problem with these elearning packages: I’ve treated them like a product rather than an experience. And teaching isn’t a product. Learning isn’t like consuming a product. Learning is an experience and I need to make sure these modules reflect that.

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